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Generator Installation

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Generac Generator
About Generator Installation

In the event of a power outage or an emergency situation, Missouri residents like you can rely on the backup power of an emergency generator to help you weather the storm. Nothing can replace the security of continued power during a time of uncertainty.

Generator Installation and Maintenance

When it’s time to install a generator, you can turn to Gann Electric LLC. We are a certified Generac Generator Installer!

Installing a generator is more complicated than simply setting it outside your home and plugging it in. A perfectly installed generator will turn on within moments of a power outage and provide you with seamless electrical service. Continued electric service makes it easier to look after your family and address the situation at hand whatever it might be, rather than worry about the power.


  • Assessment – We’ll do a thorough assessment to evaluate your present power demands and find the best generator for you. Choosing a generator that is too large might be a waste of money and one that is too small will quickly run through fuel without sufficiently meeting your electrical needs.

  • Installation – A generator in the wrong location can be a huge eyesore or it could pump hazardous fumes into your home. We’ll find a place for it that’s out of the way so you won’t even remember it’s there – until you need it. We install rock or concrete pads for the generator to sit upon and we’ll get it properly connected to your electrical panel through a transfer switch.

  • Transfer Switch – A transfer switch is the easiest and best solution for changing your power supply to a generator. Choose from a manual or automatic transfer switch to perfectly suit your situation. 


Remember, an emergency is a less than ideal time to discover that your generator isn’t working properly. Annual maintenance will help your generator function at its optimal level when the time arises for you to count on it.

You’ll never regret having a functional generator installed at your home or business in the event of an emergency. Let Gann Electric LLC help you out with the perfect generator that will fit your every need. 

Generator Repair
Automatic Transfer Switch
Generator Installation
Generator Installation FAQs

How long will it take to get my generator installed?

From permit gathering to meter upgrade and installation it can take about two to three weeks to have the generator completely installed. However, most of this time is waiting on the generator to arrive. Often, Generac Generators can be installed in as little as one day!

Should You Buy a Stand-by Generator?

If you live in an area that frequently gets power outages, a stand-by generator may be for you. Stand-by generators can help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can also help you keep connected with the world if a disaster such as a tornado hits or when the ice on the trees snaps a limb and shuts down power to the whole neighborhood, as often happens in Missouri!

What do I need to install a stand-by generator?

There are often various permits you must gather before installing a generator. The staff at Gann Electric LLC can help you obtain these permits.

Generac Generators in Missouri

Having a generator installed in your home is like having a security blanket for every kind of emergency. When you and your family are at home, you should be able to feel safe no matter the circumstances. 

Feeling safe in your home can be difficult, especially when the average house loses power as much as five times each year.

What Does a Standby Generator Do?

With a standby generator, worrying about power outages and rolling blackouts can be a thing of the past. That means when you need them most, our electricians will make sure that your:

  • Heater & AC

  • Lights

  • Refrigerator

  • Medical Equipment

  • And Security Systems Will Continue to Work

Your Generac generator will turn on automatically as soon as there is a power outage and keep your electricity running.

How Does a Generator Work?
How Generators Work

Our Generac generators are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to wheel it out of your garage, constantly fill it with fuel, or figure out how to safely connect it to your home.

Standby Generator

When the utility grid fails and your neighborhood experiences an outage, your automatic standby generator turns on as soon as it detects a power failure. Most people don’t even notice they’ve lost power!

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